R&D Center
  Becoming the "industry leader" is the company's development goal. Baorenzhong is committed to independent innovation, has good scientific research cooperation with Zhejiang University of Technology, Donghua University and other universities, and has reached testing agreement with the Quality and Technology Inspection Institute. The testing equipment is complete and the innovation results are fruitful.

Physical and Chemical Laboratory
  The company's physical and chemical laboratory is equipped with fabric strength machine, digital fabric thickness meter, standard light source box, whiteness meter, PH meter, oscillator and other equipment, which can carry out testing including breaking strength, water absorption, whiteness, friction resistance, softness, component analysis, formaldehyde content, and can independently test the dispersibility of dispersible products.
Microbiology Laboratory
  The company's microbiology laboratory is equipped with water-proof incubator, mould incubator, vertical steam pressure sterilizer, micro-meter and other equipment, which can carry out routine testing including coil, production water and pathogenic bacteria detection.